1.What is The World Famous Foam Run?

World Famous Foam Run is a fun night run with exciting music and lights around a 2-3 mile course that ends with a fantastic foamy finishline and festival.

Along the course there can be a variety of special effects, lights and dance music. Travel the pathway and cross the foamy finish line, leading you to the headlined entertainment on the World Famous Foam Run Main Stage. Once at the main stage, dance and party in the foam areas while the best DJs and entertainers keep the party going.

We always try to get the most distance out of our runs based on safe, usable layout of space provided by the venue. Remember, we are a FUN run. Not a triathlon! We expect everyone to have a good time along the course and an even better time when they get back to the festival. Think of it as a healthy way to start your party!

2. What makes The World Famous Foam Run different than any other event on this planet?

It’s more than music and glowing lights, it’s a feeling of something different. The combination of effects and special elements, foam, glow, music, family and friends, just differentiates WFFR from anything else.

3. Are you really “World Famous”?

Although we are not yet known all over the world…. We still like to think so!

4. How do I sign up?

Click the “Register” button next to the city you want to sign up for, and follow the instructions. If the city you want to sign up for doesn’t have the “register” button next to it, then click the “notify me” button in its place to get VIP treatment with special early pre-registration and other perks of being cooler than everyone else.

5. Is the event rain or shine?

YES! If it’s raining or a clear sky come the night of the event, we’ll still be out there making it the most memorable experience of your life. The only thing that could make us postpone or re-schedule, is lightening or unforeseen weather disasters. Otherwise, lets get foamy!

6. Can I wear shoes in the foam pits and on the slides?

Shoes must be worn along the course for running or walking. However, prior to entering any inflatable or foam pit, shoes must be removed. World Famous Foam Run is not responsible for any lost or stolen shoes or any shoes left behind so don’t forget to pick them up before you leave. Any shoes left behind we donate to a local charity.

7. Can I bring my phone or camera?

We will have photographers taking fun foamy fotos, your device may get wet around the foam, or even lost in the mountains of foam, so you may want to bring it in a water-proof baggie.

8. Is the foam toxic?

No, we don’t recommend you eat it, but it’s totally water based solution.

9. Are pets allowed?

Nope, sorry to all of our furry friends!

10. What is Packet Pick-Up?

You will pick up your Run Packet with all of your official World Famous Foam Run items and participation goods at the Packet Pick-up location. This will be held at a location in the city of the event, usually the Friday before the event. You will need your name and personal identification to get the goods. If you are picking up a packet from a minor, you must have a signed waiver by the adult supervisor for the child along with a copy of a photo id of the adult who signed for the child.

Packet Pick-Up details will be located on the city page you are registering for! Please note that you must pick up packet before the day of the race. There will be a $5 convenience fee for picking up on day of.

*Valid ID required when picking up race packet

11. Can I pick up my friends or relatives packet?

If you fill out a Run Packet Pick-up Waiver found at the end of the pre-race info document (posted to the city event page during the week of the race), someone else can bring your completed waiver and grab the packet to give to you. Valid ID required.

12. How do I transfer my registration to another person?

You can transfer your registration to someone else but it does need to be 10 days prior to event! Please send us an email with “Transfer registration to another Runner” in the subject box. Please verify all registration information in email and input all new runner information in email.

13.What should I wear?

Whatever you want! Just make sure it’s family-friendly. Show some personality and dress in creative costumes, tutus, flashing lights, whatever your heart desires..

14. How do I volunteer?

Go to the “Volunteer” page or go to the location-specific event page and click the “submit to be a volunteer” link, and fill out the form and click submit! We will contact you as we get closer to the event and let you know how and if we could use your help. For joining the volunteer team, you will get a customized volunteer team t-shirt!

When you submit to be a volunteer, you submit your info and enter a pool of POTENTIAL volunteers. As we get closer to the event, we will review the submissions and randomly schedule those into open volunteer spots. Once we fill the roster and the volunteer team will be finalized and we will contact you with the instructions, such as where you are expected to meet, at what time, etc. So, submitting the form does NOT guarantee your spot on the volunteer team.

15. Whats the age to volunteer?

You must be at least 16 years old to volunteer. If you are under 18, you will need to have a parent/guardian sign a waiver that will be provided to you by our Event Manager.

16. What do volunteers do?

If you are part of the volunteer team, you will help with various event-week activities. You might help at Packet Pick-up, you might help set up the course, you might help clean up, or you might help shoot the foam!

17. Do volunteers get to run for free?

As a volunteer, you won’t participate as a runner in The World Famous Foam Run. But, if you volunteer, you are a part of the excitement and will get a customized World Famous Foam Run t-shirt that only the team members get.

18. Do I have to sign the waiver form and where do I find it?

YES. In order to participate and attend the event, you have no choice but to sign the waiver form. Do so electronically when you register by clicking the “agree” button and electronically signing your name. You may also have to sign a form at Run Packet Pick-Up.

19. What is the course going to be like?

Parts of the course will be wet and slippery!! The course can be uneven at places. We recommend that you be very careful along the route. We want to make sure that you take all the necessary precautions and have good shoes while running.

20. Can I run with my young ones (kids)?

Yes but be warned, your family will be covered in epic foam and glowing! You can even participate by running with a stroller. Note if your child is in a stroller there is no fee.

21. What if I want to register after Groupon or LivingSocial online registration closes?

If you didn’t get a chance to register online using the codes for Groupon or LivingSocial you may do so the day of the event for an extra fee.

22. What kind of discounts are available?

We do offer discounts for attendees that have one of the follow; Military ID, Service ID (Fire,Police), Valid College ID (Not an ID from 1998), or registration confirmation from another run. From time to time WFFR will offer discounts and specials to different groups of people. Many times the best value is to buy directly on our site either as a TEAM or early. Check out Facebook and other social sites and check back with us often.

For more information please contact info@worldfamousfoamrun.com.

23. What if I’m having problems registering online?

1. Confirm that you have all the required fields filled in correctly.
2. Make sure your run time that you’ve choose is available.
3. Try refreshing your internet browser.
4. If you still have no luck exit out of your browser and start the process over again.
5. If issues persist, feel free to contact us at info@worldfamousfoamrun.com.

24. Can I register as a team or group?

Yes you can! “Team Tickets” – 8 or more tickets running/partying/registering together. Come dressed in costumes or similar running and glowing attire.

Team Register

25. VIP Tickets

Platinum VIP Registration:
Most VIP Registration locations include: (check location details information)
  • More Glow Pieces
  • Priority Packet Pick Up
  • Special VIP Section at After Party with Open Bar (beer, wine, soft drinks). 21+ make sure you bring your IDs
Need To Know:
Still Need To Attend Packet Pick Up
Rules and Fees for Not picking up your race packet at packet pick up still apply

26. Spectators and Non Participants

We welcome Spectators and Non Participants! There is a Spectator Fee per each location which entitles spectators to attend the Epic After Party. Spectators are welcome to purchase a General Spectator wristband at packet pick up or on site for $15.

Spectator VIP Access is available for $30 with access to the VIP area at the Epic After Party and 2 hour hosted beer, wine, water and soda bar.

27. Does the World Famous Foam Run donate to charity or cause?

Yes of course! The greatest vision of the WFFR is to the bring memories of family fun and to fundraise for local communities. We select local organizations for each city we have a race in. For more information please see the locations page.

28. First Aid

A first aid team will be provided for the event and mobile teams will be throughout the course to assist you as needed.

29. Toilets

Restrooms will be made available to the applicable amount of registrants per the venue or portable restrooms.

30. How will the run affect the interior of my car on the way home?

Please remember that this race can get a little messy. Some runners bring towels and change of clothes to prevent getting their car dirty.

31. Will Tickets Be Available On Day Of??

In most situations participant tickets and spectator tickets will be available on the day of the event. Please check our Facebook and other social media’s to verify. Day of ticket price is the price of late registration plus $10 convince and on site packet pick up fee.

32. What is included in the World Famous Foam Run Admission?

1 ticket to the event
World Famous Foam Run apparel
An EPIC memory until next year!

33. Will there be beer gardens?

Beer will be offered at designated areas only! Since this fun run is a family event it will be only available at certain areas. Hydration fluids and food will be always available to runners! No free beer unfortunately!

34. Can I transfer for admission from one city to another city?

No, unfortunately registration is not transferable from city to city.

35. Are there refunds?

At this time we cannot offer refunds. However, tickets can be transferred to another person 10 days prior to the run. Please contact us for more details at info@worldfamousfoamrun.com.

36. Inclement Weather

The event may be rescheduled due to severe weather to be determined by the venue and the event manager.

37. Valid Registration Required

Whether you are running, walking or partying a valid registration and waiver is required.

38. Sponsors

World Famous Foam Run has opportunities for all types of businesses and brands. If you would like to partner or sponsor WFFR contact us: info@worldfamousfoamrun.com

Additional Info

In most venues there will be vendors of different kinds. For a detailed list of vendors at each location or if you would like to become a vendor at one of our locations please email us at info@worldfamousfoamrun.com

Merchandise Booth:
Merchandise booth will have everything from glow powder, paint, event t-shirts tank tops, colored towels, and a variety of glow pieces and other items to add to your World Famous Foam Run experience.

Bag Check:
Bag Check is available at many locations. Where available the cost is $5. You will have your own bag and tag and you will be given a corresponding claim number. Please don’t lose the claim ticket. Remember, just like a valet we are not responsible for lost or damaged items.

Event parking is $10 unless otherwise noted. Unfortunately we are not able to take credit cards so please have your cash ready.

Water Stations:
Water stations are provided free of charge for those running at the finish line. There is also some limited water provided for those who need it at half way.

When available, WFFR tries to allocated venue provided restrooms. When venues limit this, we do provide port potties on site.

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